2021 Will Be the Year of the Metal Ox

From February 12, 2021, we will leave the Year of the Metal Rat to enter the Year of the Metal Ox, which will end on January 31, 2022.

This “lunar” and annual cycle is often marked by hard work, hardness, rigor, obligations and responsibilities. In other words, the Metal Ox year is not really about idleness, it is quite the opposite. It also invites more maturity and awareness.

Under this sign and this element, it is necessary to show logic, organization, structure and realism. This year forces us to face up to our obligations, whatever they may be. You MUST ASSUME and NOT COMPLAIN. Keeping up with the pace, making efforts or sacrifices to maintain the balance or build a new one, this is what is required in the Metal Ox year.

Chinese Lantern Festival food

You will understand, this will not be the most pleasant time to have a good time or to take it easy. Those who show themselves to be involved and willing will have the chance to reap the fruits of their efforts. Take it for granted: in 2021, you will have nothing for nothing.

The Chinese horoscope originates from ancient Taoism. Their years are lunar and are based on a sexagenarian system, that is, in cycles of sixty years that work in a circular way; when they reach their end point, they start over, starting new cycles that never end.

According to the ancient Chinese philosophers, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth constitute the five essential elements of the Universe and are assigned to five planets: water (Mercury), metal (Venus), fire (Mars), wood (Jupiter) and earth (Saturn), which exert their influence on every individual; just like Yang (the Sun) and Yin (the Moon).

These five elements govern in a cycle of ten years where each corresponds to two years: one under the energy of Yin and another under Yang. In this way the balance is established, fundamental in the conception of Chinese philosophy.

In the Chinese horoscope, the sign of the Buffalo is always second in line. The signs in the Chinese horoscope follow in the following order: Rat, Buffalo, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Each year it is associated with one of the animal signs and follows a 12-year cycle.

Buffalo – general characteristics

Buffaloes are known as caring, reliable, strong and determined people. They have a highly developed sense of honesty and patriotism. Buffaloes are people who have highly developed ideals and ambitions in life and attach great importance to both family and work. These characteristics reflect traditional characteristic conservatism. Women born in the sign of the Buffalo are so traditional, faithful. The education of their children is very important to them.
Buffaloes feel a great desire to progress, but at the same time they are very patient. They achieve their goals with effort. They are often influenced by their surroundings, but they insist on the things they believe in and are able to do.
Before the Buffaloes go into action, they make a detailed plan, which they divide step by step. When making a plan, they always take into account their mental and physical strength as well. Thus, buffaloes are persons who enjoy success as a result of effort and work.

The most unfavorable trait of people born in the sign of the Buffalo is in the lack of communication skills. They are not good at communicating with others and often do not even find it worthwhile to exchange ideas with others. They are stubborn and insist on their own.


Buffaloes are strong and robust; thus living a relatively healthy and long life with little disease.
Because they are hardworking and stubborn, they often work too much and too long and rarely allow themselves enough time to relax. They often even forget to eat, which can also lead to digestive problems. Thus, rest and regular nutrition are essential for people born in the sign of the Buffalo to be as effective as possible.
Because they are stubborn, they find it easier to overcome stress and tension. They are reluctant to open up to other people. Appropriate relaxation and occasional short trips have a beneficial effect on people in the sign of the Buffalo.


Because the sign of the Buffalo of Illustration is a symbol of hard work, people born in the sign of the Buffalo are always driven and work hard. they don’t give up until they get to the end. Because they are serious and responsible at work, they can look at their work from different angles. They have a keen eye for detail and admirable work ethic.

Suitable occupations for people born in the sign of the Buffalo are: farmer, manufacturer, pharmacist, mechanic, engineer, painter, artist, politician, real estate worker, interior designer, carpenter or sculptor.

Buffalo, born in the year of the wood (1925, 1985)

Buffaloes born in the year of the wood are slightly more sociable than other buffaloes. They are great workers and do not hesitate if it is necessary to sacrifice leisure and entertainment, as business success is their life goal. They take the opinion of the majority very quickly and rarely defend their positions. However, among all buffaloes, they find themselves best in a team, of course if they are team leaders.

Buffalo, born in the year of fire (1937, 1997)

Buffaloes born in the year of fire have a very important reputation and visibility that they can achieve within their social network. They are dynamic and productive, but they must be careful that pride does not lead them astray. The sooner they are able to respect and accept differences in others, the more they can expect in return.

Buffalo, born in the year of the earth (1949, 2009)

Buffaloes born in the year of the grind do not like to express their emotions. Patience, stability and perseverance are those virtues that allow them to be effective in everything they do. However, excessive perseverance can cause them a problem, as they often do not know when to give up.

Buffalo, born in the year of metal (1961, 2021)

Buffaloes born in the year of the metal are tireless workers, but they really only shine in professions without a strict hierarchy. They are sparse, but when it comes to convincing others about basic issues, their energy boils down.

Buffalo, born in the year of the water (1913, 1973)

Buffaloes born in the year of the water are ambitious and calculating, while maintaining a strong moral posture. Because of their respect for order, patience and fairness, they are considered pleasant and efficient partners at work. They are the least stubborn of all buffaloes.

Marriage Horoscope 2021

What to focus on when planning the marriage? According to Yearly- Horoscope.Org 2021 horoscope, there are certain points you could focus on or ideal attitudes to take on your way to the altar. We guide you with the following tips from the stars.

If you’re going to debut your wedding ring this year and you’ve already started with your to-do list, it never hurts to know what your horoscope dictates about it.

And, according to each sign, you will face this process with different focuses and energies.

For example, Leos will put a lot of effort into choosing the best groom suit and wedding dress; while Pisces will focus more on details, such as dating glasses or readings. Discover your mantra according to the zodiac and enjoy every moment of the process.

Aries: listen to your heart

Your sign is the symbol of joy and spontaneity, so make use of these two qualities when preparing your marriage. Also, do not be influenced by preconceptions, but unleash your creativity. Be guided by the heart and you can materialize everything you dream of for your big day. Find inspiration within.

Taurus: dare to change

Although this sign is characterized by being very earthy and unfriendly to changes, planning a marriage necessarily implies breaking with the established, either to get around with a plan B something that did not work or, simply, to delight the guests with an event to match. Embrace the changes and you will be amazed at the results.

Gemini: look for distractions

No matter how excited you are about preparing for marriage, the routine goes against the Gemini and, in that sense, the ideal would be to organize a couple’s getaway for the weekend or a panorama with friends from time to time. Your personality requires a varied schedule of activities, which in this case will also serve to refresh your mind.

Cancer: don’t lose focus

Although you will plan your wedding thinking about pleasing the guests as much as possible, from the arrangement of tables to the banquet, do not lose the focus that the main protagonists are the bride and groom. In other words, organize the celebration thinking about what you want as a priority and try to detach yourself a little from that helpful characteristic so typical of this sign. For example, choose the flavor of the wedding cake based on your tastes and those of your partner, but not according to the flavor that you think the guests will like the most.

Leo: do something different

Beyond the style of marriage, those born under the sign of Leo will not be satisfied if they do not print a personal stamp on their celebration. Since they like to be the center of attention, they will want to make an even more difference on their big day. And the ideas are many! From performing a song in the middle of the party, to betting on themed wedding decorations, for example, inspired by a television series. In addition, they will give great importance to the bridal outfit.

Virgo: accept help

As a good Virgo, you will pursue perfection and want to take care of every detail personally. It’s okay to get involved in the process, but it’s also good to delegate duties and accept help from your inner circle. You will see how the planning and staging of the marriage become much more bearable if you have a support network.

Libra: organize your ideas

Being a sign governed by creativity, surely many ideas will invade your head, from topics related to decoration, to choosing the best souvenirs and wedding wraps. The key to success in your organization, therefore, is that you manage to organize and focus on a unifying concept.

Scorpio: trust yourself

You want everything to be perfect, which in turn fills you with doubts and insecurities. Therefore, instead of thinking that something could go wrong, better trust yourself and decree that the marriage will be a success. Avoid putting yourself in the worst scenarios and better spend that energy planning the last details of the banquet.

Sagittarius: go for the adventure

It is an impulsive sign that will constantly lead you to seek new emotions, push boundaries and break with tradition. Of course, more than the organization of the marriage as such, you will be wanting to go on your honeymoon, ideally to a very exotic destination.

Capricorn: take some time for yourself

Whether it’s a spa session, sports training or bubble bath, you need to take time for yourself and release tension during the organization of the marriage. Alone or as a couple, you will see how these spaces recharge you with energy, in addition to being very necessary, both mentally and physically, in the face of your position of gold rings. Try to search for these instances at least once a week.

Aquarius: work as a team

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are good at teamwork, so don’t hesitate to involve your best friends in marriage planning. In addition to lightening the load, you will love that this great day has a little piece of those special people. Take advantage of your closest circle and keep your mind open to new ideas.

Pisces: explore your emotions

Yours is the most romantic sign of the zodiac, so prepare yourself for a period full of emotions. Sure you will cry several times before saying “yes”, but don’t worry, sensitivity is an innate part of your personality. Find containment for those moments when your nostalgia subsides and pay special attention to details. Among other things, set up a tree of footprints, choose the readings and take care of the music personally.

If the universe of the zodiac attracts you, you probably know that there is a color for each sign, which you could also capture in your wedding decoration, as well as specific energy stones. The latter, ideal to wear in the engagement ring, be it a ruby ​​for Aries, a Topaz for Gemini or a quartz for Scorpio, among other examples.

Moon in Taurus 2021

The moon has a different influence from that of Venus.

The present situation is a particular one: in the sign ruled even by Venus, the queen of the night expands her area of ​​influence – it comes to light, as they say. Astrologically, the Moon in Taurus is in exaltation and we can compare it with a conjunction Moon – Venus. Psychologically, the two hypostases of femininity are in full congruence. Regardless of the other clues offered by the map, this positioning of the Moon is particularly strong and very visible to all natives.

The moon in Taurus gives the native the image and allure of a “middle-aged woman” throughout her life. On another scale, he designates ladies as “aunts” and “aunts.” Lady Moon in Taurus usually has the appearance of a mistress, satisfied and steadfast. She is the mistress of the house, the goods and the goodies. The pleasant voice, the peace and the security it emanates, attract its popularity. Smiling, warm but firm, feminine but not vulnerable, sensual but not incendiary. The cheese with jam, a coffee, beads, a few roses in a vase and a cat in her arms fit her very well…

The structure of the Miss is identical to that of the Lady, the transition from one level to the other being made cursive, the internal conflicts being minimal towards not at all. It is an easy presence to notice: calm, kind, benevolent, it emanates a state of peace and quiet. His emotional feelings are hard to shake and there is a tendency towards repetition and routine (as the meaning of some terms in this description is repeated…).

The emotions of this native are not disturbed as in the situation of Lady Moon in Aries. She always seems at peace with herself and is generally immune to outside problems. His emotional and emotional feelings are so well grounded that the first impression he makes is the last. He has long-term likes and dislikes for an indefinite period. If Lady Moon in Taurus didn’t like you at first sight, chances are she’ll change her mind – at least not in this life. He can at most tolerate you if he has nowhere to go, but that’s it!

Over time, she begins to be more and more satisfied with herself and even comes to love herself more in adulthood. With age she shows her value, beauty and love. Not only to oneself, but also to… “others”: comfort, food, perfumes, clothes, jewelry, music, flowers. Or at least to one of these things if the position of the Sun and the Ascendant gives other clues – but a love is still (some call this love “attachment”…)

When in the personal map the position of the Moon located in Taurus accentuates certain native tendencies towards conservatism or when it enters into major conflict with the personality traits indicated by the position of the Sun, only then the (positive) features listed above acquire another unpleasant coloration. But, even in this situation, the discomfort is felt more strongly by those around her, she persisting in her beliefs and optics. Another drawback is the tendency to get lost in unimportant actions and to postpone making decisions.

In professional relationships, she is noted for the wave of sympathy she naturally attracts.
Although she makes a clear distinction between social and personal life, Mrs. Moon in Taurus maintains her attitude of managing the office, the institution, the team, the equipment.

He has a very good memory, he is perfectionist, cautious, he is a good performer, but he has a hard time mobilizing. He considers himself a capable person, but he needs a lot of will or external support to be able to take action. Regardless of the position he / she holds, difficulties arise when he / she is asked to work a different method, rhythm or perspective. She becomes stubborn, inflexible, determined to do only what she knows how. When he runs a business, he knows how to choose the profitable ways and the right people, he earns a lot through his kind attitude, but, in terms of financial matters, he has a very firm position, even unyielding. In situations where she feels unjust or very insecure, in the usually enchanting, courteous and indulgent Lady, resentment and the desire for hoarding develop rapidly, her views narrow, and her decisions are brutal and final.

In the field of emotional relationships, for Miss Moon in Taurus, love appears quite quickly and after her, commitment. It is easy for her to assume the role of Lady because she looks a lot like her mother and she is eager (unconsciously imitating her) to have a stable situation: a job that will ensure her life, a home, a safe relationship. And what can be safer than a husband ?! Which, without realizing it, he will take “on the inventory” like any other object. Object that he has to take care of, feed him, send him to work, because he has to bring money, keep the house and provide… jam, beads, roses, coffee, sofa, Otherwise, he does not it has too much value. And with “another” he will not share it in any form.

It is said that Lady Moon in Taurus is very possessive. In fact, she knows very well what is hers and does not accept that someone will attack her property, including her husband, of course! She is very realistic and does not follow green horses on the walls. She does not claim things that do not belong to her, but what belongs to her has clear names: “my house, my car, my ficus, my furniture, my jewelry, my husband”. None of this is shareable, let’s be clear! She is very attached to her children, without being suffocating, but she takes great care that they are well fed, well dressed and make their way in life. And one more detail: he gets very angry, he gets harder, he can forgive, but he never forgets.

More than any other lady, comfort and safety are necessary, even vital, for her – both material and emotional.

The moon in Taurus influences the health of all people born with this configuration. Psycho-emotional states can be physically reflected as follows *:

  • Red in the throat, tonsillitis – “There are so many things (sad, beautiful, full of anger) that I would like to say, but I do not dare” – requires an open expression, even if it involves a risk.
  • Ear pain and inflammation – “I don’t like what I hear at all, it’s so painful!” it requires recognition of the inner voice and / or acceptance of the truth that others are telling us.
  • Hyperthyroidism – reflects the fear of losing someone’s attention, of not being recognized, decreased self-confidence.
  • Thyroid failure – expresses self-dissatisfaction and requires unreserved acceptance of oneself and giving up worries.
  • Dental problems – indicate indecision, lack of decision-making power, uncertainty about the fairness of decisions made.

Between 2003-2011 Uranus in Pisces stimulated their intuition and developed their awareness of freedom of expression. In 2004 Jupiter in transit through Virgo brought them a year of contentment, happiness and beauty. Since 2008, Pluto, which has entered Capricorn, has given them the strength to deal with all crises and increased their self-confidence. Since 2011, Neptune entered Pisces has brought them more gentleness and intuitive understanding, increased their femininity, but also their vulnerability.

Between October 2012 and December 2014 (with a return between June and September 2015) the transit of Saturn through Scorpio shook them from the foundations of stability, family relationships, financial resources, health and peace of mind. They had to resort to a reorganization of private life, and between 2014-2015 (Jupiter in Leo, squared) this reorganization had to be done in accordance with their needs for assertion and development. It was a difficult time, which required special efforts from an emotional, energetic and material point of view.

From September 2020, NN and Jupiter, which will transit Virgo, will bring joy and confidence again, increasing the possibility of reconstruction and development (Pluto trine in Capricorn). To the extent that they will take advantage of the chances offered by the concrete living conditions and will rigorously select their dreams for which they will have to make an effort (Neptune and NS in Pisces squaring with Saturn in Sagittarius), we can say that serene days will come for Lady Moon in Taurus.

5 zodiac signs change their destiny in August 2020

August 2020 comes with many surprises for 5 natives. Their destiny will take a new turn and change quite a bit.


Aries will have a quiet month, just as they have been so far.

Nothing special will happen and they will face the same events as the previous ones, this causing them nervousness.


Fate will smile on the bulls in August. They will be able to feel fulfilled from a sentimental point of view.

August brings the perfect chance to start a relationship with the right person for them.


The native twins are also among those whose destiny will change, because they will manage to make an important acquisition.

They were with the documents behind, but now I’m ready for the big step.


For crayfish, August brings nothing special.

They will have a month without important events, and the only things that will give them headaches will be the same as before.


Instead, for lions, the first month of summer will bring them a big change professionally.

Maybe they will get the promotion they have been waiting for or maybe they will be able to put on their feet the idea they have had for so long.


The first summer month of the virgin natives will be one that will go through all their states, but will go through them just as quickly.

They will go from one extreme to another, but this will only happen because of stress.


For Libra natives, the first month of summer will find them exactly as May will leave them. They will be extremely focused on work, and this will remain the case next month.


Scorpios will have an extraordinary August. They will do very well on all levels and will pass the biggest test they will have this month.

This will help them start the summer properly.


Sagittarius concludes the list of zodiac signs whose destiny will change in August. They will make a major change in their lives and it will be the best decision they could make.

They will feel as if they have taken a stone from their heart.


For these natives, the coming month will be quite boring. They will look for all kinds of activities to fill their time, but they will want something more.


It is announced a month in which they will channel all their attention to the family. They want to make up for lost time and need to be with their loved ones for a long time.

This will catch them well, and their condition will improve.


For fish, August will come with several health problems.

Maybe some migraines or back pain will make their presence felt quite often, but they will not let this spoil their condition.

Career Horoscope 2020 Overview

Love, work and health are just some of the aspects for which millions of Italians every day rely on what is written in the stars: for many, the horoscope represents a guide and, even those who do not normally read it, at the beginning of the year give it a look to know which direction the new year will take.

Astrologers from Wise Horoscope have presented to us from the beginning of the year everything that will happen astral point of view for each of the signs. Below is a summary:

Illustration of horoscope

ARIES (from March 21 to April 20)

“Whether you like it or not, this is me!” What is true, dear Aries! You enter 2020 with a bold and confident step, because you have made the road, and you have seen places and situations. But now you also want to have your say, and choose the destination.

After miles of experience, it’s time for “consecration”. Or, if you prefer, the degree. Starting from the profession, where you are about to receive an important certificate: first of all, but then also something that consolidates your position with a more guaranteed contract. Often in the past you have found yourself fighting against strong powers, the authorities (even in legal terms).

Against those who tried to sell you “his” truths. But from now on there is no more for anyone: you are ready to regain that decision-making power, to import and say: “I want this, I deserve it. And I’ll take it! ». Someone is ready to make more free choices, to re-establish their professional life, to change jobs or turn a hobby into a professional activity. You rely on your ideas and your talent, and for this you can aspire to projects and roles that have been pursued for some time. Love also takes a step forward towards maturity.

There are many projects already carried out in the past two years, but the desire to be serious is unstoppable. Many still raise the bar with even more ambitious goals: a coexistence, a wedding, the purchase of a house or, why not, a son. With the laurel wreath on his head, only singles must prevent duty from “eating” pleasure, while preserving the lightness that distinguishes them. Meanwhile, in the spring a new meeting rekindles hopes for the heart: it is good to proceed with caution to understand who is in front of you … but then we give gas to the feelings!

In short, in this 2020 that looks like a “degree” in a more adult life, I can only recommend you as a travel destination the city that most of all represents university education: PISA. And who knows if someone does not take praise by discovering the formula that keeps the Tower standing. Happy New Year!

TAURUS (from April 21 to May 20)

Carpe diem! This is a year that speeds at the speed of light. So, on the first occasion, do not dwell too much on brooding. Certain trains only pass once, and you must jump on this “2020” train without delay!

Zodiac for kids. Taurus Cute style

Dear Toro, it’s time to leave that comfort zone that you have been resting on for some time, in the name of a “revolution” that will help you rejuvenate routines, habits and situations that no longer work. To get far, as far as possible, you have to venture. As in work, which in some cases invites you to move to another city, to “travel” more often, to change direction.

Towards a new company, a more independent business, or a “cross-border” country. When? As early as January! And then again in spring, what I would call the season of surprises and unexpected events. I promise you that you will be comfortable again, from the end of the year. But first you have to change your professional goals, redesign yourself a role or accept the changes (of collaborations, group or headquarters) that life offers you. What if, speaking of love, life offered you to bury the past or a story in crisis? Are you capable of it? I believe so, the strength is there. Even more if to accompany you on this journey of renewal, you meet a kind and caring passenger to point you to a new destination.

The stars say in March, in the meantime, get ready to get rid of your ideal, restrictive canons. The same also applies to singles, who in the coming months may decide to change their look to be more attractive. The eternal boyfriends, surprisingly, are one step away from the altar. In short, for everyone: what a revolution!

Almost like the French one. For this reason, I can only recommend a city like PARIS as a travel destination. The head remains on the neck, but the more you can turn it in different directions than usual, the greater the opportunities you can see … and grab! Happy New Year!

Cancer (from May 21 to June 21)

If I think of your last years, I have a romantic image of you as you try to observe your image on the window of a moving train. How many times have you asked yourself, “Who am I?” where do I want to go? ». They have been suspended in confusion for years, looking for a role to play, a talent to play. Here, in 2020, the focus changes: everything you internalized, elaborated, all the questions you asked yourself being “in your place”, now must find a concrete answer that goes outside your mind.

Because while life goes on, outside there is a landscape of opportunities that must be captured. A new identity appears at work after some situations have stopped or slowed your rise. Your more mature and realistic approach now makes you decide for your own good, sometimes experimenting in new professions or roles that over time – you will see – will acquire more and more importance. Financially, we need to catch up, but the trend is growing so that some debts can be honored. I do not exclude that to get back on the road there is a need for a transfer, to seize opportunities in other cities or with foreign companies. In love it is time to find some lightness, after you have asked the partner for a maturity shot in recent months.

Has it arrived? Well, from this year we start building again with more ambitious projects. From April to July Venus is exceptionally in the sign, a desire for love can be granted. Not just for couples: spring is a melting pot of meetings for those in search of a new love. At times it may be difficult to make a choice, but now you should have figured out who to bargain with for your heart. Everything is put back into circulation this year: changes, enthusiasm, ideas. Why not take a ride in MARSEILLE? The city-port of multiethnic France is ready to inspire colors and trends of your new “rebirth”. Happy New Year!

CANCER (from 22 June to 22 July)

There are those who have eyes to admire the flowing landscape, those who have ears to listen to the passenger next to them. In life we ​​are told, and you have heard of stories in recent years. Some more beautiful than others that have left their mark on you. But now something is changing, and you want to tell yourself. Less on others and more on yourself: dear Cancer, it’s time to raise your head, have your say, and make your aspirations shine.

The first part of the year is decidedly more complicated, someone is carrying on a professional battle, because he wants to be recognized for his qualities. For some it is time to face a speech with an employer: there is an air of vagueness about a contract, a job, a confirmation, but you no longer want to be waiting and at the mercy of events. You finally know how much you are worth, and if you don’t get it you might even consider closing, changing course or battling a lawsuit. New opportunities from May, from here the situation is recovering. What story do you want to tell in love instead? Jupiter and Saturn ask for “definition” in relationships, some (new) relationships are sifted because your availability is no longer as it used to be. You could ask the partner for greater presence, perseverance, but also empathy in accepting your requests.

Whoever does not listen is cut off. Here, too, mid-spring is an important turning point, but those who love each other can definitely aspire to the altar. For singles, the most interesting encounters come in the summer, with a really hot August. Everything that starts this year has the right potential to last over time. Like an epic romantic story that has been handed down over the centuries. “Romeo and Juliet”, the undisputed symbol of love, does it remind you of something? With a different ending, of course, which you can rewrite, together with your partner, looking out onto Juliet’s balcony. Obviously in VERONA, the destination that I recommend for your 2020. There, the promises are eternal. Do we make one (last) attempt? Happy New Year!

Leo (from 23 July to 23 August)

Time is money, dear Leone. Even more in a year in which you become manager of yourself and you have to reorganize some aspects of your life. So many things to do!

As in a railway exchange, it is necessary to know exactly at what “hour” the occasions pass. For this, there is me: “the horoscope is a valid clock that indicates the right time of things”. So let’s fasten our seat belts and go, your ambition in the job doesn’t wait. Already at the beginning of the year there is an air of renewal, there are role or contractual positions you aspire to, which are not always easy to achieve. You want more, even if someone has to deal with a very competitive environment: places are limited! But the real turning point comes in April, between new deals, confirmations and changes of scenery for those who don’t get what they want. Some projects need external financing: green light for mortgages and loans. Also for the purchase of a house: in recent months, there have been “resistances” in the family or in the couple that must now be discussed and overcome.

Expectations in love relationships are rising, especially for those who have not yet found an “official” position. For someone it is about marriage or cohabitation, but what does the partner think about it? Those who answer “no” undermine the relationship because you – now more than ever – want to build something solid. Spring and summer of meetings for lonely hearts: you should not be too quick to “friendzonare” a new acquaintance, because it could reveal a softer side over time.

In September (nice time to love!) You will know exactly who you want to be with. As you can see, it is a demanding but also very constructive 2020 if – net of anxiety – you can put the pieces in the right place. Life is a business, like the class you can choose to reach MILAN, the destination I recommend for your travels. A city in constant evolution that grows “in height”, like the skyscraper of certainties that you are going to build in your 2020. Happy New Year!

VIRGO (from August 24 to September 22)

“We must have chaos within ourselves to give birth to a dancing star” is one of the most beautiful phrases that the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche has left for us posterity.

Could it become your motto for 2020? I believe so, dear Virgin. The most beautiful life journeys are always in unknown, new, unexpected places. So let yourself be messed up by the news that this new year is able to offer you. A year that rewards the “creativity” and audacity of those who want to get involved professionally, and which undoubtedly favors those who make ideas their job.

The destination is the same for everyone: “feel good”. Compared to 2019, the work takes a more stable and profitable turn already starting from January, a month that offers several novelties to get back on track. I cannot exclude that some answers may come “by surprise” and lead on roads or in sectors other than those covered so far.

Also in different cities: April is the ideal month for a possible transfer. Consider some small revisions and difficulties in mid-spring, including with regards to feelings. But it is the only “out of tune” accent of a year that sees love at the forefront: where there is creativity, there is also a desire to have (another) child. Why not, even in old age.

Green light to the plans of couples who love each other, you can think of a wedding in the fall. After a parting, it’s time to dismiss an ex or an old passion and look forward! Sentimentally you have to “purify yourself”, or it is difficult to find someone … courage! Even single singles must let go and not always think about work: this is the year of “true love”. In this 2020, put aside your innate order for things, your complaints, and be more open to the world. And sunny. Like the people of NAPLES, the city that I suggest to you as a travel destination for the new year. In the midst of its thousand flavors, you will realize that that creative genius is also part of your DNA. Just taste a Margherita, and you’re in the mood. Happy New Year!

LIBRA (from September 23 to October 22)

Down the mask, dear Libra! To return to the stage of your life, there is no need to wear stage clothes or frills that you no longer feel are yours. There is a first class ticket waiting for you. Direction: your happiness! 2020 is a cathartic year, of truth.

That brings you closer to what you are, to what you really want. And that, in some ways, closes a path of emancipation (economic, emotional, professional, but above all psychological) on which you have been working for some time. Say goodbye to constraints and restrictions, now you can travel alone. Starting from work, where you (re) conquer a central role also thanks to important decisions. You are interested in the point of view of others insofar as your voice is also listened to: it is time to balance the relationship with a partner or collaborator, or take a more autonomous track.

New businesses and companies are born. Employees are also one-way: those who are not satisfied are ready to start again from a competition, from sending a curriculum, from an “experimental” phase in order to find their own space. News since late January. It’s love? The Libra that lives “unbalanced”, depending on the partner or the family, is a distant memory. You are focusing on your personal growth, and this who is next to you must have it clear. It is difficult for the most fragile stories to resist this sky, now we want to make up for lost time.

Even with a new love or, why not, by “formalizing” a lover. For anyone who wants to return to love, including singles, the important thing is to have guarantees of stability and to know that the other is there. Romantic vibes in spring. The theme of the “home” is a trend topic, among those looking for a new accommodation or renovation to make life more welcoming.

When a light like yours expands, it needs the right “beach”: a red carpet awaits you in VENICE, the ideal destination for your 2020. To feel like a new protagonist, and find beauty in your eyes. Happy New Year! SCORPIO (from October 23 to November 22) To err is human, to forgive is divine. And you have every intention of uplifting your spirit. Dear Scorpio, the time has come to leave you behind “where you come from”.

The pain, anger, enemies and events that have anchored you to the ground in recent years. Not all evils, however, come to harm: however tiring and difficult to swallow, they are giving you the push to leave for a new journey. Conquering your renewed serenity. Starting from work, where certain revisions in the context of collaborations are inevitable: if you have not already done so, cut with those who cannot bring sap and motivation to your business. Some changes this year will be lucky, especially if you want to dedicate yourself to entirely new activities or sectors.

From the end of February you can bring a recent investment up to speed or create an “innovative” job choice, which for some can also translate into a transfer to another city. Those who persevere in an unsatisfactory position or relationship, in April launch a definitive aut aut. The second half of the year is definitely better, of reconstruction. Even for those couples who in love suffered a backlash last summer.

You just have to understand how things are going between March and April. In the meantime, singles, treasured by my initial advice, can dedicate themselves to a new love already in January. And then again in August. The peculiarity of this year is that when Venus is in favor, Mercury is “spiteful”. This is a warning to fall in love with the right person, and above all not to complicate life with busy or demanding people. Possible removals and children on arrival for couples who love each other.

In short, this is a cathartic year that will teach you how to turn everything into “light” at the moment it appears obscure. What better opportunity, then, than to visit the City of Lights? In 2020 your destination is LYON: historic buildings, markets, streets … everything is a riot of colors. Take a breath and immerse yourself: this is your baptism to a new life. Happy New Year!

SAGITTARIUS (from 23 November to 21 December)

If there is one thing I care about when I travel, it is my place. And woe to anyone who asks me to replace him! Often it is the result of my choice, but sometimes it is fate that reserves the window or corridor for me. Or the party version of the four seat.

And so, dear Sagittarius, this year it’s your turn to take your place again! Especially if something or someone has tried to steal it in the past few months. 2020 promises to be a year of revenge, in which you can take a few more pebbles from your shoe.

Starting from work, where the goal will be to consolidate some “news” of the last year, or to regain a central position within your structure. Money becomes the balance of certain professional choices, because now more than ever it is important to rebuild on a more solid ground. Your aspirations and ideals are not in doubt, let’s be clear. But this year it is better to come to terms with reality (and get two accounts in your pocket) and aspire to concrete objectives of economic stability.

It takes a spirit of adaptation to certain dynamics of work, but if you resist in April you will be lavishly rewarded. For many, 2019 has already represented the springboard for a new love or a project that has given a more defined frame to the relationship. This year, however, it continues in the wake of consolidation: from engagement to coexistence? What if a shared home has already arrived: from living together to a wedding? or a son?

We will talk about it in spring, a season in which even singles promise to put their heart in order … we’ll see! In the meantime, I advise you not to engage with people with the ring on your finger. From the summer the thermometer rises, as does the passion for young couples who will be born under the sun. If the sun has the color of gold, you want to be dazzled this year: finances first of all, for personal and couple projects. Who knows if a trip to ZURICH, the city of finance and opportunities, is not your lucky four-leaf clover for 2020. Happy New Year!

CAPRICORN (from December 22 to January 20)

Do you think track 9 ¾ is a work of fantasy by Rowling? You are wrong! Like Harry Potter, you too are the only wizard of the Zodiac this year who can see the entrance to a new life. Your journey starts from here, from the courage to cross the threshold of a wall that has hindered you so far, and enter in a year in my opinion “cathartic”, from every point of view.

Professionally speaking, the magic lies in taking back that place that life events or your specific contact person tried to take away from you. Some were literally put on the bench, partly because of unfortunate business situations. But already from January (and then again in May) you finally find a leading role with valid opportunities that revive your business. I do not exclude that someone must look “beyond” that wall, and get back into the game starting from different areas, professional realities or, why not, returning to study to give themselves a new opportunity. The desire to be “independent” could push the most daring to start their own business. Love too must break down a wall, that of mistrust. And I would say that – albeit with some forcing – you will succeed very well.

This year spring comes early and so, by chance, we fall in love in March. And if the other is resisting, nothing but retreating: you are willing to make false cards … or to cast some spells of yours. Many want to mirror themselves and see each other different. With a new look, or with a more authoritative image: “wife / husband” or “mother / father” could be fine? In fact, there are several projects that couples can implement. As you may have already realized, something is changing … inside and outside of you. Not everyone will understand what’s going on.

But the important thing is that you recognize yourself. That you feel unique and special. Just like Harry. Maybe Hogwarts is a bit complicated to reach, but I would like you to experience the atmosphere of a city as magical as TURIN this year too, the destination I dedicate for your 2020. It is the best way to stop dreaming … and start believe it! Happy New Year!

AQUARIUS (from January 21 to February 19)

You don’t have to be a computer engineer to “reprogram”. And not even having a pair of first-class glasses: the map of your life horizons is clear to you, dear Aquarium. Especially because you understand what is “yes” and what is “no”, which goals to reach and which to avoid. All it takes is a pinch of extra resourcefulness, the typical explorer’s verve and a pencil to trace the route. The rest comes by itself. At work the time has come to get rid of a garment that has become “tight” over time.

Tightened by the expectations of others, but also by the sense of guilt that pushes you to continue a certain path in spite of your desire for change. Narrow by tight rhythms or by positions that have not evolved for a long time. Some good professional opportunities arrive between January and February, but your real turning point is in the second half of spring, when you will be able to cut certain ratios or to modify / improve them according to your needs. From then on it will be a positive flow of events that will lead you towards your professional rebirth. Even in love, singles can start from a new meeting already from February … and then from April to July Venus will always be in favor! This year, then, you’re even willing to give up a piece of your proverbial independence to live a new love to the full.

If there are ex in the vicinity or you live a relationship that hasn’t evolved for a long time, define! It is time to “reprogram” the heart too, with objectives that relaunch the relationship. Or you might as well pat yourself on the shoulder and say: love is another thing. At home, however, you change. Between renovations, sales and family “revolutions”. In short, this is a rediscovery 2020! Like when you leave home and have a first off-site experience: BOLOGNA, for example, is the perfect city (and the destination that I suggest) to feel you are young again, a student to whom no experience is precluded. And who knows, after all, that in this life everything is possible. Also keep going until late at night. Happy New Year!

Pisces (from February 20 to March 20)

Poet yes, but with a perfect metric. Because in recent years, dear Pisces, you have learned to be a little less idealistic and more practical than your life affairs. If losing the train made you a little naive, now at most you arrive with the doors closed. But then you go in … and you get to the goal. And what a goal! Have you ever tried to wear a crown?

Well, because 2020 will give you the opportunity to dress regal clothes, with romance, but above all with a great responsibility: that of learning to command. Starting from work, which sees growth both in terms of role and contracts. The most ambitious can aim for important positions or become part of more articulated working groups. It is not a year to “play” alone, better to cooperate, make use of valid allies or otherwise seek help from others. After all, “union is strength” is always a good motto! To start an initiative or a new work program, well in February.

Unexpected proposals and opportunities in late April. Love also becomes concrete and responsible. With a kiss empires are built: for couples this is the ideal year to take root with a coexistence, a wedding. Or to expand the family with a baby. Singles also celebrate a passionate period: Cupid does not go on vacation in August, the most effervescent month for the heart. Someone will ask: and before, nothing? I have good news: February brings something new.

But also a “less good” one: from April to July there are those who may have some second thoughts or complications in a new relationship. For posterity the arduous sentence, but between crowns and reasoning, it is always the heart that guides you. After all, only the great rulers know how to make great choices.

And you, this year, must learn to use your scepter. Who knows that in terms of royalty, a city like VIENNA, the destination that I recommend for the new year, cannot be your inspiration. An elegant, majestic city, where there is also room for dream poetry. Just like your 2020! Happy New Year!

What the Zodiac Signs do in a Crisis

They are emotional and sensitive people who panic in crisis situations or complain of pity. And there are signs that tend to mobilize exemplarily, finding solutions and making spontaneous and very good decisions.

Not all of us respond to situations that get us out of the habit and linearity, some are more impulsive and anxious, and others are more focused, present and somehow remain in self-control.

Here are some landmarks for each sign:


Fighting is the best solution
Spontaneous. they do not spend too much time thinking, when they have to make decisions or when they have to take action.

When an unexpected or difficult situation arises, if it contains a conflict, they immediately mobilize to win the battle, using all the means and resources they are capable of.

Aries prefer to act, than to think. But they are helped by a sharp intuition and the ability to orient themselves quickly in any situation. They don’t spend much time analyzing. Sometimes they are already gone, with the problem solved, while those around them are still thinking how to do it.

So, they make decisions quickly and they are doing great in crisis situations. Obviously, because of precipitation and impatience, they often make mistakes, but that doesn’t make them change.

I think with amazing rapidity, which is why someone rarely manages to keep up with them.


Better to solve it by itself
A fixed, earthly sign is the Taurus who does not believe anything until he sees with his own eyes. He does not lose his temper with one by two. He is patient and perfunctory to wait at all before taking action, because he fears that he may make a mistake or he may be consumed and tired unnecessarily.

These natives are quite focused, anchored in the subject, so sometimes they need big shocks to really change something and move in a new direction.

Has a practical intelligence, oriented to analysis, observation and assimilation of information. He considers that the action should come only after a rigorous analysis and the calculation of all the possibilities that may appear during the course. In fact, this native always wants to make sure he is safe and therefore only takes calculated risks.

Idealistic or philosophical illusions and concepts are not approved by Taurus. They change their beliefs hard, and once they are changed, they remain attached for a long time.


Information is power!
When the Twins face a crisis situation, they first announce to everyone or complain loudly and it is inevitable that others will not find out.

Twins have a sharpness of mind, mobility in thought, spontaneity and I know little of all. And their most valuable gift is not so much the immense baggage of knowledge, but the way I know how to apply it, immediately and efficiently.

Although very anxious and sometimes out of the way pessimists, they quickly find the information they need and in fact they solve the difficult situations, through knowledge. For them, knowledge is power.

Twins really have a living intelligence that they do not hesitate to display whenever they have the opportunity. I talk a lot, about how many months and stars, they have a sense of humor and verbal mobility that are out of the ordinary and are absolutely delicious in conversation. This attitude helps them in the less joyful periods of their life.


Defense is the first emergency measure!
Contrary to expectations, the Racians show their power and character exactly in crisis situations, when others get rid of any trace of morality and are deprived of power. Then they mobilize, ensuring first that they minimize the losses and protecting as much as they can, both in terms of material resources and human, relational, and sentimental.

In crisis situations, they retreat inside to seek their center, balance. It turns into protective veils, if needed.

Memory, imagination and intuition are the precious gifts of any native Cancer and the benchmarks after which it is conducted in life.

Cancer simply feels when it has to act and it feels when it has to make a change or what choices are good for it. Therefore, it should be based on intuition.


Action in force is the key to success
These natives build their reality as they like, they usually have a successful attitude and there is nothing left in the way when they have something to solve or achieve.

In crisis situations, especially when they feel their territory violated, Lions responds with actions in force, somehow unleashing a huge amount of energy, as if not to allow anyone space to choose, to intervene, to do something.

The lion defends with unmatched ferocity all that is his and knows how to attack when the time is right.

They have a mind focused on great purposes and are the clearest proof that when you want something, it really happens, and that the energy of thought and imagination can materialize.

They make decisions pretty quickly, but they can be quite rigid in their thinking. The memory is not bright and neither is it.


Sure it’s a mistake somewhere
In a crisis situation, the first thought of the Virgin is that she probably went wrong somewhere, so before she makes a decision or takes action, she must first find the mistake, the cause.

No sign is more analytical and logical than Virgo. These natives operate most with logic and pragmatism. They are anchored in the immediate reality, they are limited to finding practical and viable solutions, leaving no room for unnecessary doubts or hopes.

The virgin thinks in detail and always considers all the possible effects of her actions. He does not like to be taken unprepared and is very reluctant to change. Often, they create fatalistic scenarios, which they constantly think about and in which they eventually come to believe. He is quite anxious, worries about nothing and can often turn a little tension and discomfort in their life into a real crisis.


“Together, with diplomacy, we solve everything”
Balance invents the concept “we” in thinking. She cannot live alone, but she needs others to learn and especially to make comparisons. He has a thought oriented towards diplomacy and harmony, always finding the most gentle and diplomatic solutions to any problem. She lives in a social context and does not conceive of life alone.

He is very creative, although he often seems to choose only the winning books. In her case, imagination blends very well with reason. It has a detached thinking of emotions, which can be called social, equidistant thinking.

This helps her stay more detached than others in crisis situations, so find solutions that are beneficial for everyone.


There is nothing in his way
The scorpion has unparalleled self-control, depth and subtlety of thought, which other zodiacs not only cannot practice, but cannot even understand. The intelligence of this native is oriented towards ideas that destroy and rebuild at the same time.

They do very well in crisis situations, in fact they even want them to evolve and become more aware of their power.

Thought is full of subtle meanings and symbols. He sees more than others and associates what he sees with mysterious meanings, which open the door to a magical world, only he understands.

Scorpio’s intuition is once again unique, going to the root of things and finding the most unexpected solutions to any problem, which is why he can be a good psychologist or an excellent detective.


They all work out somehow
Incurable optimists, Sagittarius are convinced that there is a solution for everything and all they have to do is find the right one. They do not lose their temper, but are encouraged to explore and know more. Basically, any discomfort is an opportunity to create a story and a leap.

When you say Sǎgetǎtor, you mean the crossing of borders, whether it is about borders on your own, or whether it is about mental, cultural, philosophical, religious boundaries.

These natives assimilate in their thinking any concept, idea, thought that inspires them. They know that everything in this world has an explanation and they are willing to find the answer and the cause of any phenomenon they are passionate about.

They seem to have responded to everything and most of the time they have it. They are always thirsty to document, to evolve, to emancipate themselves. The supporter has fantastic mental mobility, combined with a sense of humor that is hard to match. He does not like to belong to any system, the only systems he accepts are philosophical or religious in nature.

best female zodiac sign to date

There are more voluntary women, with a lot of masculine energy, who take the initiative quickly and build something permanently, they are always active, being motivated by competition and socio-professional goals and women who prefer to have all the comfort of home, are more patient, thank themselves for love and be loved, care. They are overflowing with feminine energy, they are protective, creative, sensitive.

ARIES – The woman leader

The Aries woman is always active, optimistic, busy. He prefers to do more than he speaks and mourns and tires people who talk and philosophize more than they do.

The Aries woman has enough enthusiasm for a whole team, family, community, community, to always come up with ideas, proposals and even start extremely daring projects.

Lack of tact, it can often be perceived as aggressive
It cannot stand to be criticized or attacked and will react without delay
Mars is the governor of Aries, so the Aries woman has a lot of masculine energy and an entrepreneurial, organizational spirit.
He drives, rather than let himself be driven.

TAURUS – The trustworthy woman

Here we are dealing with pure feminine energy. Venus dominates the Taurus sign, and in this house has the most sensual, feminine, receptive, patient and fertile energy and manifestation. It has that air of “lady of the house”, hospitable, warm, welcoming, always ready to help those in need.
Strong through patience and tenacity.

The Taurus woman is sensuality, she responds to life through the senses, the body, the pleasures offered by the earth, in a pure state. He needs stability, comfort, peace to create what he likes and especially what leads to abundance …
The Taurus woman is extremely devoted, she is able to attach herself too much to a partner, a place, a house, a service, etc.
They make changes rarely, but they are fundamental, radical, total.

GEMINI – The playful woman

The Gemini woman is actually a multitude of women in one. He is also the playful and curious child, he is the smart woman who can talk about anything with anyone, he is the conscientious student who wants to learn about everything, he is impulsive … he flirts like nobody else.

Gemini woman is intelligent, always in search of ideas and solutions, she can think outside the box and can contribute to the lives of others through extraordinary information, ingenious ideas, humor and mobility / flexibility.

Social life is always a winner in front of family life, in the sense that it needs to go out, communicate, socialize. He gets bored quickly and always needs change. If it combines the two components harmoniously, it is fulfilled.

Cancer – Loyal woman

For the Cancer woman, the most important aspect of life, especially in relationships, is loyalty. She is loyal to any man who means something to her, she is extremely devoted, although enigmatic and even hermetic regarding her emotions and feelings.

Cancer is a sign governed by the Moon, therefore, here we find the most sensitive, sensitive, emotional, intuitive, profound and mysterious women.
Cancer woman has a vocation as a mother, without even being able to. She will instinctively know, without any effort, to care, protect, handle and create a safe space.

Cancer women, although with a lot of feminine energy, do not always display their sensitivity, or even display harsh or at least impenetrable air, to protect themselves.

Cancer woman knows no greater accomplishment than having her family close, knowing her loved ones are safe and protected. He is capable of creating a true clan.

LEO – The shining woman

The Lion is governed by the Sun, the center of our solar system. This is often the case of Leo’s woman, the center of someone’s universe.

It is always easy to notice, it has a certain resemblance, distinction, allure, self-confidence. His steps are always worthy, sure, as if he always knows where he goes and what he relies on.

Hard to intimidate, Leo’s woman has great goals and aims for success.
It cannot be owned, controlled, driven. She leads. She has her way. And he usually likes to take others with her or to support them when in doubt.
Leo woman is a mountain of power, due to her trust in her talents. Beside her, everything seems possible.

No matter how many family satisfactions she has, for her it is still more important to shine in the world.

Virgo – The virtuous woman

The Virgo woman is full of virtues, practical skills, knowledge that you can apply in everyday reality and make your life simpler, easier and more beautiful.
The Virgo woman always focuses on the details, being convinced that they make a difference in every respect.

Loves naturalness and simplicity.

Analytical, always put on something improved and healed, devoted to sacrifice, it is a kind of witch to which all acquaintances appeal when they do not know what to do in situations they face daily.
He likes more than anything useful, he can serve, he can make a difference in people’s lives.

The virgin woman, even though she may be uncomfortable for those who are reluctant or who do not accept any criticism, is a reliable partner, the practice with which you can always become better.

LIBRA – Sophisticated woman

The Libra woman is sophisticated, intelligent, who always knows to be a pleasant presence, equidistant, with a detached air, even slightly higher.
Libra woman is an interesting combination of reason and emotion, although we will see only very rarely what are her emotions and feelings.

He likes to have control in relationships, to establish who is right and which is the most right, correct and moral decision to make in any situation. He wants to be always present in all the decisions and actions of the couple, to always be there when there is a need for balance or restoring harmony in a conflict situation.

She does not like being a woman like any other, she will always find a way to shine and be noticed, admired, sought after.

SCORPION – The mysterious and magnetic woman

The Scorpio woman is the most mysterious and magnetic in the whole zodiac.
It can be either an unperturbed calm, or a limitless temperament, bringing to the surface, with boundless violence and sarcasm, all the accumulated emotions.

Generally it is unreadable, he knows how to hide his vulnerabilities and always seems to be the master of the situation. Possessive and dominant, but receptive and sensitive.

The Scorpio woman can have the qualities of a Priestess, having access to hidden knowledge in different ways and in different colors. It is extremely intuitive, it comes in possession of secret information and in exclusive groups, without any effort.

The Scorpio woman knows what she wants and knows where she is going. He keeps his relationship, family, business in check, controlling everything subtly, in the shade.
Sometimes he finds out what he doesn’t want.

SAGITTARIUS – The jovial woman and the philosopher

The Sagittarius woman is always in search of the truth and the meaning of life. She needs to know, understand, always discover something. It cannot be limited or constrained by too strict rules and a rigid, fixed, routine program.
More sporty, exploratory, traveling.

Sagittarius woman is optimism and joviality in a woman’s body. He always has a word of spirit for anyone who needs encouragement. He knows how to give others confidence, joy, optimism, by his presence, knowledge and words.

The Sagittarius woman is alive, cheerful in general, but she is never too attached to anyone, nor is she the kind of housewife who stays too long at home. Even the way their children are raised is lighter, detached, libertine.
He loves freedom in every respect.

CAPRICORN – The independent woman

Capricorn woman has great ambitions, she is in a leading position in a large company, where she goes to four needles, in good quality costumes and always with a respectable, results-oriented attitude.

The Capricorn woman is the master of it, she knows who she is and wherever she wants to go, she always protects her team and her family, she is a leader by definition.

Believe in things built in time, with patience and concentration. He also prefers quality instead of quantity, in everything he chooses and does.
It is a partner who raises the bar very high, so it can be difficult to rise to its standards and demands.

He calculates his every move, until the feelings are carefully measured, because he appreciates the measure in all.

7 reasons why Cancer is the best zodiac sign when it comes to long-term relationships.

If you are in a relationship with a cancer, there are some things you should know. Cancer is one of the best signs of the zodiac when it comes to long-term relationships.

This is because they naturally care for someone, have big hearts, are determined to go with you to the end, and have a wonderful sense of humor.

Take your time and read these eight traits of a cancer-born child.

Very profound.

Cancer-born are among the most profound signs of the zodiac. Their intellect and their horizons are wide and grow bigger and deeper every year. They take in all the knowledge that they have accumulated in the course of their lives and save it for later until someone else needs their advice and they can fall back on all the saved experiences to help others. They are very wise and can take you mentally to places you didn’t even know existed.

Instinctive leaders.

People born in the zodiac sign Cancer are driven by their goals from birth, and they know exactly where to go and what to say. They have the great property of always having a solution for almost every problem. And they can get the best out of you in a gentle way. People turn to cancer when they are desperate, have lost someone, or feel insecure about certain things, and then turn to cancer to benefit from its wisdom.

Crabs take a lot of time for themselves.

This is very important for a cancer, the time for yourself. If you don’t get your moments in loneliness, don’t expect them to be open to you, they just shut up, even among people, because they are now just for want to be yourself. You need this time to relax, process and think about a lot.

Very creative.

Crayfish have a very vivid imagination. There are really no limits to your imagination. A project is never impossible or too crazy for them. They love the challenge of showing off their skills and they love teaching others to believe in their dreams. This is an important point why they are among the best signs of the zodiac in human terms.

They tend not to carry their feelings openly with them.
They will often “hide” their feelings when they feel they could hurt others. They are very empathetic, so they will put everything in their lives aside just to make sure that the people they love are better off than themselves. This can often seem strange to outsiders if they cannot express their feelings properly. That is why communication with a cancer is very important, especially the way you talk to a cancer is essential.

Always by your side.

Crayfish are one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac. No matter how hard the situation seems, the cancer stays by your side until the bitter end. Cancer can withstand everything for its family, friends and partner. Don’t take advantage of this trait, they’ll leave you without a blink of an eye if they figure it out.

They are people who can love in a wonderful way.

You will find an amazing lover in a cancer. They have a deep understanding of what it means to be sensual, caring, and sensitive to someone else’s feelings. After a while they might know you better than you know yourself. Always considerate of their loved ones and looking for ways to make them happy. They understand that love is a very complex thing, but they are more than willing to decipher this complexity with you.

You have to keep your distance from these people in 2020. Based on your zodiac sign.


Stay away from people who want to tame you. You are full of energy and light. You don’t have to surround yourself with someone trying to tell you that you are too much or that you have to be a little less than the brave, beautiful and powerful being that you are …


Stay away from people who are not loyal. You have a hard-to-conquer heart, when it comes to dropping you are patient and take a lot of time because you want to make sure their intentions are clear.

You don’t have to deal with someone who doesn’t take you seriously and doesn’t give you the time to be sure of your feelings. Stay away from people who are in a hurry and jump from one relationship to the next …


Stay away from people who don’t stimulate your senses. You are curious, always want to learn and discover new things. You should keep your distance from anyone who tries to stifle your curious nature with secrets that he does not share with you, who bores you and does not inspire you to be your best self.

Life is too short to be with someone who is not interested in discovering who you really are …


Stay away from people who don’t understand the depth of your heart. Relationships are of the utmost importance to you and when it comes to people you love, you are someone who sticks to them for a long time.

Keep your distance from people who see your love as too “clingy” or your kind as “oversensitive” because you are anything but that, you are a watermark and they love that way. Surround yourself with people who appreciate you and know that you love with everything you have …


Stay away from people trying to silence you. It is in your lion nature to be brave, to take responsibility and to be proud – these are things that suit you and that you do not want to change.

Keep your distance from people this year who make you feel like you are not a good person, simply because you are self-confident and above all more self-confident than those who try to keep you small. Stay as you are, because self-love is nothing to be ashamed of my little lion …


Stay away from people who are constantly trying to change you. You are by nature someone who feels comfortable alone. You have no problem being your biggest fan, making your own decisions and spending a lot of time with yourself.

Keep away from everyone in 2019 who doesn’t respect this side of your personality and who is constantly trying to shape you into something that suits your own needs. You are you and you don’t have to apologize for it.


Stay away from people who put their needs before yours. You are naturally a person who sacrifices yourself for others. You put others first because it is important to you that they are well, you have always been so that you wanted to please everyone, only you have always neglected yourself my little Libra. But please keep away from everyone in this coming year, who only want to benefit from your kindness and helpfulness.


Stay away from people who see your emotional side as something bad. You are a watermark, it is in your nature to carry an emotional world of thoughts in your head with you and to love deeply and you have your heart in the right place.

Remove everyone from your life this year who doesn’t accept this emotional side of you. There’s nothing wrong with being empathic, don’t let a heartless society tell you that having a heart is bad …


Stay away from the one who forces you to follow his rules. You are an adventurer. Your personality unfolds with the freedom you are given.

When it comes to relationships, you need someone who encourages you to be yourself and who grows and grows with you. Stay away from people this year who are forcing you to be someone you are not.


Stay away from people who only think until tomorrow. There is a difference between “living in the moment” and ignoring everything that happens in the future. You are someone who doesn’t care what happens to your future.

You are ready, smart and motivated. Stay away from anyone who wants you today but never really plans a future with you. Stay away from people who see a relationship as a “pastime” because you are a “forever” person.


Keep away from people who rob you of your energy. You give, give and give. You have a generous heart and always a helping hand. Be proud of your heart this year and move away from relationships and people who ONLY want to take away from you.


Stay away from people who see you as a “drama”. You are a thinker You take everything you experience to heart and yes, sometimes you can be a little too emotional or sensitive – but these are good qualities and more important than ever in a bitter world like this. Distance yourself this year from everyone who treats you as if you have to apologize for the emotional person you are. You have a big heart, a deep mind and a soul that feels everything, don’t be ashamed of it my good fish.

What you have to let go of in 2020. Based on your zodiac sign.


You are a storm, but for some reason you no longer show this overwhelming power that is in you. Not everyone knows how to deal with you and sometimes you worry whether it is not up to you that hardly anyone understands you.

But I can tell you it is not your fault if others are not willing to dig a little deeper, not willing to delve deeper into your mind. 2020 should be about letting go of the facade you have built yourself and just being yourself, even if that means losing a few people in this way. You are a fire, a storm, a damn hurricane, do not let yourself be contained, but free what is in you!


You love convenience, but sometimes you let yourself go a little too much. You like things that seem familiar to you, but if you spend all your time living in your habits, you will never be able to grow.

There are worlds that you have never seen before and that are waiting to be explored by you. Try to break out of these habits in 2020, be it a toxic relationship, a contact that just pulls you down, or a job that doesn’t fulfill you.

You just need a further development of your personality. The unknown may be scary at first, little cop, but if you listen to your gut feeling combined with your longing for freedom, something good can come of it in 2020.


This year wasn’t exactly stable for you, but let’s be honest, when has anything ever been stable in your life? You have faced many challenging situations and life-changing things that have made your 2019 pretty bumpy.

It is difficult for you to focus on the new, because the old is still very tiring on you. For 2020 you have to let go of all your insecurities and start again, because if you look back over and over again you will always stumble when walking forward.


What a year that was for you, my selfless little crab. You spent the past year saving everyone else, forgetting to build yourself up. But that’s okay, that’s just who you are – you have a constant need to help others and nothing feels better than doing it.

But it’s your turn in 2020. You have to let go of the idea in your head that everyone else will come first and concentrate on yourself! Everyone needs help my little cancer, and I hope you will recognize early next year that you have to be there for yourself in 2019.


You have spent most of 2019 carrying your packages. My lion now is the time to finally throw off this burden that is so burdensome and drains your soul. 2020 is a new year and this is a new beginning free from old burdens and new growth, adventure and ultimately new happiness.

And to welcome you to this new time of your life, you have to let go of the things that hurt you and open yourself to new things. You say it every year that there is a new ME in the new year, but in 2020 it will actually come true because you promise yourself this time!


To be honest, you worked your way out pretty much last year, my virgin. In that regard, 2019 was a year of peak performance – spending many nights working and getting closer to your life goals. But you also deserve some time to look back and be proud of what you have achieved.

Be it from a professional point of view or simply because you were able to get through a difficult chapter in your life. Let go of the idea for 2020 that you have to achieve everything in your life and take a little time for yourself.


You struggled to find a balance this year, but that’s not a surprise to you, is it? You value truth and justice, but there seems to be so little of it these days. But you have to stop focusing on what the world has to offer you and what not, and finally focus on what you have to offer.

Let go of the idea of ​​being able to bring the world back into balance – in 2020 you have to work on finding your own balance. Because as soon as you change your mindset, you will see that your inner balance returns. Follow us on Instagram.


This past year was a roller coaster ride for you, but on the other hand, is there ever a year that the scorpion is not a roller coaster ride? You tend to get upset about your past mistakes and things you can’t control and torment yourself with them.

In 2020, you have to focus on letting go of these compulsive thoughts, after all, you can’t change the past and stay up all night to think about it won’t help anyone. Concentrate on the future of little scorpion- it’s the only thing you can control with your actions today.


You felt a bit bogged down last year, but you are beginning to realize that you are far from being helpless. 2020 is your year Sagittarius and nothing can stop you.

The stars are now aimed at you, but first you have to let go of everything that is holding you back, be it uncertainties, hazy situations that leave you in the dark or people because they do not give you clear signals and make you wriggle. You mustn’t be kept on a leash, so it’s time to cut the leash and get back on the path you created yourself. Follow us on Instagram.


You have spent a lot of time in the past year fitting into the shape you created for yourself and maybe you sacrificed a few things that make you happy just to fit that shape. You have so many expectations of what your life should be like that you are ready to let go of everything and go away from anything that does not fit your vision, but you are missing so many wonderful things.

Let go of the idea in 2020 that your life has only one way and you only have to go one way – just enjoy your trip in 2019, no matter where it takes you.


2019 was a year of self-doubt for you and I can’t really blame you. You’re just different, aren’t you? No wonder you were so hard on yourself when the rest of the world seemed to be against you. You just kind of don’t fit into this society.

But in 2020 you have to let go of these insecurities and show more kindness to yourself and focus on your strengths – and trust me, you have many of them. After all, it’s the little quirks that set you apart from everyone else and in the end they’ll make the difference and bring you the success you crave.


You are emotionally exhausted from 2019 and who can blame you? It’s been a year full of emotions, moments of happiness and disappointment, and this mix made you a little tired. In 2020, you have to focus on what is good for you, which means leaving the toxic friendships behind. You should separate connections to people who rob a lot of your mental energy.

Be honest little fish, you attract some pretty poisonous people and you are the type of person who leaves everything behind just to help others – even if these people don’t deserve it. Don’t waste your precious energy on people who only seem to hurt you. 2020 is about finding out who deserves your time and when you have to let go.