best female zodiac sign to date

There are more voluntary women, with a lot of masculine energy, who take the initiative quickly and build something permanently, they are always active, being motivated by competition and socio-professional goals and women who prefer to have all the comfort of home, are more patient, thank themselves for love and be loved, care. They are overflowing with feminine energy, they are protective, creative, sensitive.

ARIES – The woman leader

The Aries woman is always active, optimistic, busy. He prefers to do more than he speaks and mourns and tires people who talk and philosophize more than they do.

The Aries woman has enough enthusiasm for a whole team, family, community, community, to always come up with ideas, proposals and even start extremely daring projects.

Lack of tact, it can often be perceived as aggressive
It cannot stand to be criticized or attacked and will react without delay
Mars is the governor of Aries, so the Aries woman has a lot of masculine energy and an entrepreneurial, organizational spirit.
He drives, rather than let himself be driven.

TAURUS – The trustworthy woman

Here we are dealing with pure feminine energy. Venus dominates the Taurus sign, and in this house has the most sensual, feminine, receptive, patient and fertile energy and manifestation. It has that air of “lady of the house”, hospitable, warm, welcoming, always ready to help those in need.
Strong through patience and tenacity.

The Taurus woman is sensuality, she responds to life through the senses, the body, the pleasures offered by the earth, in a pure state. He needs stability, comfort, peace to create what he likes and especially what leads to abundance …
The Taurus woman is extremely devoted, she is able to attach herself too much to a partner, a place, a house, a service, etc.
They make changes rarely, but they are fundamental, radical, total.

GEMINI – The playful woman

The Gemini woman is actually a multitude of women in one. He is also the playful and curious child, he is the smart woman who can talk about anything with anyone, he is the conscientious student who wants to learn about everything, he is impulsive … he flirts like nobody else.

Gemini woman is intelligent, always in search of ideas and solutions, she can think outside the box and can contribute to the lives of others through extraordinary information, ingenious ideas, humor and mobility / flexibility.

Social life is always a winner in front of family life, in the sense that it needs to go out, communicate, socialize. He gets bored quickly and always needs change. If it combines the two components harmoniously, it is fulfilled.

Cancer – Loyal woman

For the Cancer woman, the most important aspect of life, especially in relationships, is loyalty. She is loyal to any man who means something to her, she is extremely devoted, although enigmatic and even hermetic regarding her emotions and feelings.

Cancer is a sign governed by the Moon, therefore, here we find the most sensitive, sensitive, emotional, intuitive, profound and mysterious women.
Cancer woman has a vocation as a mother, without even being able to. She will instinctively know, without any effort, to care, protect, handle and create a safe space.

Cancer women, although with a lot of feminine energy, do not always display their sensitivity, or even display harsh or at least impenetrable air, to protect themselves.

Cancer woman knows no greater accomplishment than having her family close, knowing her loved ones are safe and protected. He is capable of creating a true clan.

LEO – The shining woman

The Lion is governed by the Sun, the center of our solar system. This is often the case of Leo’s woman, the center of someone’s universe.

It is always easy to notice, it has a certain resemblance, distinction, allure, self-confidence. His steps are always worthy, sure, as if he always knows where he goes and what he relies on.

Hard to intimidate, Leo’s woman has great goals and aims for success.
It cannot be owned, controlled, driven. She leads. She has her way. And he usually likes to take others with her or to support them when in doubt.
Leo woman is a mountain of power, due to her trust in her talents. Beside her, everything seems possible.

No matter how many family satisfactions she has, for her it is still more important to shine in the world.

Virgo – The virtuous woman

The Virgo woman is full of virtues, practical skills, knowledge that you can apply in everyday reality and make your life simpler, easier and more beautiful.
The Virgo woman always focuses on the details, being convinced that they make a difference in every respect.

Loves naturalness and simplicity.

Analytical, always put on something improved and healed, devoted to sacrifice, it is a kind of witch to which all acquaintances appeal when they do not know what to do in situations they face daily.
He likes more than anything useful, he can serve, he can make a difference in people’s lives.

The virgin woman, even though she may be uncomfortable for those who are reluctant or who do not accept any criticism, is a reliable partner, the practice with which you can always become better.

LIBRA – Sophisticated woman

The Libra woman is sophisticated, intelligent, who always knows to be a pleasant presence, equidistant, with a detached air, even slightly higher.
Libra woman is an interesting combination of reason and emotion, although we will see only very rarely what are her emotions and feelings.

He likes to have control in relationships, to establish who is right and which is the most right, correct and moral decision to make in any situation. He wants to be always present in all the decisions and actions of the couple, to always be there when there is a need for balance or restoring harmony in a conflict situation.

She does not like being a woman like any other, she will always find a way to shine and be noticed, admired, sought after.

SCORPION – The mysterious and magnetic woman

The Scorpio woman is the most mysterious and magnetic in the whole zodiac.
It can be either an unperturbed calm, or a limitless temperament, bringing to the surface, with boundless violence and sarcasm, all the accumulated emotions.

Generally it is unreadable, he knows how to hide his vulnerabilities and always seems to be the master of the situation. Possessive and dominant, but receptive and sensitive.

The Scorpio woman can have the qualities of a Priestess, having access to hidden knowledge in different ways and in different colors. It is extremely intuitive, it comes in possession of secret information and in exclusive groups, without any effort.

The Scorpio woman knows what she wants and knows where she is going. He keeps his relationship, family, business in check, controlling everything subtly, in the shade.
Sometimes he finds out what he doesn’t want.

SAGITTARIUS – The jovial woman and the philosopher

The Sagittarius woman is always in search of the truth and the meaning of life. She needs to know, understand, always discover something. It cannot be limited or constrained by too strict rules and a rigid, fixed, routine program.
More sporty, exploratory, traveling.

Sagittarius woman is optimism and joviality in a woman’s body. He always has a word of spirit for anyone who needs encouragement. He knows how to give others confidence, joy, optimism, by his presence, knowledge and words.

The Sagittarius woman is alive, cheerful in general, but she is never too attached to anyone, nor is she the kind of housewife who stays too long at home. Even the way their children are raised is lighter, detached, libertine.
He loves freedom in every respect.

CAPRICORN – The independent woman

Capricorn woman has great ambitions, she is in a leading position in a large company, where she goes to four needles, in good quality costumes and always with a respectable, results-oriented attitude.

The Capricorn woman is the master of it, she knows who she is and wherever she wants to go, she always protects her team and her family, she is a leader by definition.

Believe in things built in time, with patience and concentration. He also prefers quality instead of quantity, in everything he chooses and does.
It is a partner who raises the bar very high, so it can be difficult to rise to its standards and demands.

He calculates his every move, until the feelings are carefully measured, because he appreciates the measure in all.