Career Horoscope 2020 Overview

Love, work and health are just some of the aspects for which millions of Italians every day rely on what is written in the stars: for many, the horoscope represents a guide and, even those who do not normally read it, at the beginning of the year give it a look to know which direction the new year will take.

Astrologers from Wise Horoscope have presented to us from the beginning of the year everything that will happen astral point of view for each of the signs. Below is a summary:

Illustration of horoscope

ARIES (from March 21 to April 20)

“Whether you like it or not, this is me!” What is true, dear Aries! You enter 2020 with a bold and confident step, because you have made the road, and you have seen places and situations. But now you also want to have your say, and choose the destination.

After miles of experience, it’s time for “consecration”. Or, if you prefer, the degree. Starting from the profession, where you are about to receive an important certificate: first of all, but then also something that consolidates your position with a more guaranteed contract. Often in the past you have found yourself fighting against strong powers, the authorities (even in legal terms).

Against those who tried to sell you “his” truths. But from now on there is no more for anyone: you are ready to regain that decision-making power, to import and say: “I want this, I deserve it. And I’ll take it! ». Someone is ready to make more free choices, to re-establish their professional life, to change jobs or turn a hobby into a professional activity. You rely on your ideas and your talent, and for this you can aspire to projects and roles that have been pursued for some time. Love also takes a step forward towards maturity.

There are many projects already carried out in the past two years, but the desire to be serious is unstoppable. Many still raise the bar with even more ambitious goals: a coexistence, a wedding, the purchase of a house or, why not, a son. With the laurel wreath on his head, only singles must prevent duty from “eating” pleasure, while preserving the lightness that distinguishes them. Meanwhile, in the spring a new meeting rekindles hopes for the heart: it is good to proceed with caution to understand who is in front of you … but then we give gas to the feelings!

In short, in this 2020 that looks like a “degree” in a more adult life, I can only recommend you as a travel destination the city that most of all represents university education: PISA. And who knows if someone does not take praise by discovering the formula that keeps the Tower standing. Happy New Year!

TAURUS (from April 21 to May 20)

Carpe diem! This is a year that speeds at the speed of light. So, on the first occasion, do not dwell too much on brooding. Certain trains only pass once, and you must jump on this “2020” train without delay!

Zodiac for kids. Taurus Cute style

Dear Toro, it’s time to leave that comfort zone that you have been resting on for some time, in the name of a “revolution” that will help you rejuvenate routines, habits and situations that no longer work. To get far, as far as possible, you have to venture. As in work, which in some cases invites you to move to another city, to “travel” more often, to change direction.

Towards a new company, a more independent business, or a “cross-border” country. When? As early as January! And then again in spring, what I would call the season of surprises and unexpected events. I promise you that you will be comfortable again, from the end of the year. But first you have to change your professional goals, redesign yourself a role or accept the changes (of collaborations, group or headquarters) that life offers you. What if, speaking of love, life offered you to bury the past or a story in crisis? Are you capable of it? I believe so, the strength is there. Even more if to accompany you on this journey of renewal, you meet a kind and caring passenger to point you to a new destination.

The stars say in March, in the meantime, get ready to get rid of your ideal, restrictive canons. The same also applies to singles, who in the coming months may decide to change their look to be more attractive. The eternal boyfriends, surprisingly, are one step away from the altar. In short, for everyone: what a revolution!

Almost like the French one. For this reason, I can only recommend a city like PARIS as a travel destination. The head remains on the neck, but the more you can turn it in different directions than usual, the greater the opportunities you can see … and grab! Happy New Year!

Cancer (from May 21 to June 21)

If I think of your last years, I have a romantic image of you as you try to observe your image on the window of a moving train. How many times have you asked yourself, “Who am I?” where do I want to go? ». They have been suspended in confusion for years, looking for a role to play, a talent to play. Here, in 2020, the focus changes: everything you internalized, elaborated, all the questions you asked yourself being “in your place”, now must find a concrete answer that goes outside your mind.

Because while life goes on, outside there is a landscape of opportunities that must be captured. A new identity appears at work after some situations have stopped or slowed your rise. Your more mature and realistic approach now makes you decide for your own good, sometimes experimenting in new professions or roles that over time – you will see – will acquire more and more importance. Financially, we need to catch up, but the trend is growing so that some debts can be honored. I do not exclude that to get back on the road there is a need for a transfer, to seize opportunities in other cities or with foreign companies. In love it is time to find some lightness, after you have asked the partner for a maturity shot in recent months.

Has it arrived? Well, from this year we start building again with more ambitious projects. From April to July Venus is exceptionally in the sign, a desire for love can be granted. Not just for couples: spring is a melting pot of meetings for those in search of a new love. At times it may be difficult to make a choice, but now you should have figured out who to bargain with for your heart. Everything is put back into circulation this year: changes, enthusiasm, ideas. Why not take a ride in MARSEILLE? The city-port of multiethnic France is ready to inspire colors and trends of your new “rebirth”. Happy New Year!

CANCER (from 22 June to 22 July)

There are those who have eyes to admire the flowing landscape, those who have ears to listen to the passenger next to them. In life we ​​are told, and you have heard of stories in recent years. Some more beautiful than others that have left their mark on you. But now something is changing, and you want to tell yourself. Less on others and more on yourself: dear Cancer, it’s time to raise your head, have your say, and make your aspirations shine.

The first part of the year is decidedly more complicated, someone is carrying on a professional battle, because he wants to be recognized for his qualities. For some it is time to face a speech with an employer: there is an air of vagueness about a contract, a job, a confirmation, but you no longer want to be waiting and at the mercy of events. You finally know how much you are worth, and if you don’t get it you might even consider closing, changing course or battling a lawsuit. New opportunities from May, from here the situation is recovering. What story do you want to tell in love instead? Jupiter and Saturn ask for “definition” in relationships, some (new) relationships are sifted because your availability is no longer as it used to be. You could ask the partner for greater presence, perseverance, but also empathy in accepting your requests.

Whoever does not listen is cut off. Here, too, mid-spring is an important turning point, but those who love each other can definitely aspire to the altar. For singles, the most interesting encounters come in the summer, with a really hot August. Everything that starts this year has the right potential to last over time. Like an epic romantic story that has been handed down over the centuries. “Romeo and Juliet”, the undisputed symbol of love, does it remind you of something? With a different ending, of course, which you can rewrite, together with your partner, looking out onto Juliet’s balcony. Obviously in VERONA, the destination that I recommend for your 2020. There, the promises are eternal. Do we make one (last) attempt? Happy New Year!

Leo (from 23 July to 23 August)

Time is money, dear Leone. Even more in a year in which you become manager of yourself and you have to reorganize some aspects of your life. So many things to do!

As in a railway exchange, it is necessary to know exactly at what “hour” the occasions pass. For this, there is me: “the horoscope is a valid clock that indicates the right time of things”. So let’s fasten our seat belts and go, your ambition in the job doesn’t wait. Already at the beginning of the year there is an air of renewal, there are role or contractual positions you aspire to, which are not always easy to achieve. You want more, even if someone has to deal with a very competitive environment: places are limited! But the real turning point comes in April, between new deals, confirmations and changes of scenery for those who don’t get what they want. Some projects need external financing: green light for mortgages and loans. Also for the purchase of a house: in recent months, there have been “resistances” in the family or in the couple that must now be discussed and overcome.

Expectations in love relationships are rising, especially for those who have not yet found an “official” position. For someone it is about marriage or cohabitation, but what does the partner think about it? Those who answer “no” undermine the relationship because you – now more than ever – want to build something solid. Spring and summer of meetings for lonely hearts: you should not be too quick to “friendzonare” a new acquaintance, because it could reveal a softer side over time.

In September (nice time to love!) You will know exactly who you want to be with. As you can see, it is a demanding but also very constructive 2020 if – net of anxiety – you can put the pieces in the right place. Life is a business, like the class you can choose to reach MILAN, the destination I recommend for your travels. A city in constant evolution that grows “in height”, like the skyscraper of certainties that you are going to build in your 2020. Happy New Year!

VIRGO (from August 24 to September 22)

“We must have chaos within ourselves to give birth to a dancing star” is one of the most beautiful phrases that the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche has left for us posterity.

Could it become your motto for 2020? I believe so, dear Virgin. The most beautiful life journeys are always in unknown, new, unexpected places. So let yourself be messed up by the news that this new year is able to offer you. A year that rewards the “creativity” and audacity of those who want to get involved professionally, and which undoubtedly favors those who make ideas their job.

The destination is the same for everyone: “feel good”. Compared to 2019, the work takes a more stable and profitable turn already starting from January, a month that offers several novelties to get back on track. I cannot exclude that some answers may come “by surprise” and lead on roads or in sectors other than those covered so far.

Also in different cities: April is the ideal month for a possible transfer. Consider some small revisions and difficulties in mid-spring, including with regards to feelings. But it is the only “out of tune” accent of a year that sees love at the forefront: where there is creativity, there is also a desire to have (another) child. Why not, even in old age.

Green light to the plans of couples who love each other, you can think of a wedding in the fall. After a parting, it’s time to dismiss an ex or an old passion and look forward! Sentimentally you have to “purify yourself”, or it is difficult to find someone … courage! Even single singles must let go and not always think about work: this is the year of “true love”. In this 2020, put aside your innate order for things, your complaints, and be more open to the world. And sunny. Like the people of NAPLES, the city that I suggest to you as a travel destination for the new year. In the midst of its thousand flavors, you will realize that that creative genius is also part of your DNA. Just taste a Margherita, and you’re in the mood. Happy New Year!

LIBRA (from September 23 to October 22)

Down the mask, dear Libra! To return to the stage of your life, there is no need to wear stage clothes or frills that you no longer feel are yours. There is a first class ticket waiting for you. Direction: your happiness! 2020 is a cathartic year, of truth.

That brings you closer to what you are, to what you really want. And that, in some ways, closes a path of emancipation (economic, emotional, professional, but above all psychological) on which you have been working for some time. Say goodbye to constraints and restrictions, now you can travel alone. Starting from work, where you (re) conquer a central role also thanks to important decisions. You are interested in the point of view of others insofar as your voice is also listened to: it is time to balance the relationship with a partner or collaborator, or take a more autonomous track.

New businesses and companies are born. Employees are also one-way: those who are not satisfied are ready to start again from a competition, from sending a curriculum, from an “experimental” phase in order to find their own space. News since late January. It’s love? The Libra that lives “unbalanced”, depending on the partner or the family, is a distant memory. You are focusing on your personal growth, and this who is next to you must have it clear. It is difficult for the most fragile stories to resist this sky, now we want to make up for lost time.

Even with a new love or, why not, by “formalizing” a lover. For anyone who wants to return to love, including singles, the important thing is to have guarantees of stability and to know that the other is there. Romantic vibes in spring. The theme of the “home” is a trend topic, among those looking for a new accommodation or renovation to make life more welcoming.

When a light like yours expands, it needs the right “beach”: a red carpet awaits you in VENICE, the ideal destination for your 2020. To feel like a new protagonist, and find beauty in your eyes. Happy New Year! SCORPIO (from October 23 to November 22) To err is human, to forgive is divine. And you have every intention of uplifting your spirit. Dear Scorpio, the time has come to leave you behind “where you come from”.

The pain, anger, enemies and events that have anchored you to the ground in recent years. Not all evils, however, come to harm: however tiring and difficult to swallow, they are giving you the push to leave for a new journey. Conquering your renewed serenity. Starting from work, where certain revisions in the context of collaborations are inevitable: if you have not already done so, cut with those who cannot bring sap and motivation to your business. Some changes this year will be lucky, especially if you want to dedicate yourself to entirely new activities or sectors.

From the end of February you can bring a recent investment up to speed or create an “innovative” job choice, which for some can also translate into a transfer to another city. Those who persevere in an unsatisfactory position or relationship, in April launch a definitive aut aut. The second half of the year is definitely better, of reconstruction. Even for those couples who in love suffered a backlash last summer.

You just have to understand how things are going between March and April. In the meantime, singles, treasured by my initial advice, can dedicate themselves to a new love already in January. And then again in August. The peculiarity of this year is that when Venus is in favor, Mercury is “spiteful”. This is a warning to fall in love with the right person, and above all not to complicate life with busy or demanding people. Possible removals and children on arrival for couples who love each other.

In short, this is a cathartic year that will teach you how to turn everything into “light” at the moment it appears obscure. What better opportunity, then, than to visit the City of Lights? In 2020 your destination is LYON: historic buildings, markets, streets … everything is a riot of colors. Take a breath and immerse yourself: this is your baptism to a new life. Happy New Year!

SAGITTARIUS (from 23 November to 21 December)

If there is one thing I care about when I travel, it is my place. And woe to anyone who asks me to replace him! Often it is the result of my choice, but sometimes it is fate that reserves the window or corridor for me. Or the party version of the four seat.

And so, dear Sagittarius, this year it’s your turn to take your place again! Especially if something or someone has tried to steal it in the past few months. 2020 promises to be a year of revenge, in which you can take a few more pebbles from your shoe.

Starting from work, where the goal will be to consolidate some “news” of the last year, or to regain a central position within your structure. Money becomes the balance of certain professional choices, because now more than ever it is important to rebuild on a more solid ground. Your aspirations and ideals are not in doubt, let’s be clear. But this year it is better to come to terms with reality (and get two accounts in your pocket) and aspire to concrete objectives of economic stability.

It takes a spirit of adaptation to certain dynamics of work, but if you resist in April you will be lavishly rewarded. For many, 2019 has already represented the springboard for a new love or a project that has given a more defined frame to the relationship. This year, however, it continues in the wake of consolidation: from engagement to coexistence? What if a shared home has already arrived: from living together to a wedding? or a son?

We will talk about it in spring, a season in which even singles promise to put their heart in order … we’ll see! In the meantime, I advise you not to engage with people with the ring on your finger. From the summer the thermometer rises, as does the passion for young couples who will be born under the sun. If the sun has the color of gold, you want to be dazzled this year: finances first of all, for personal and couple projects. Who knows if a trip to ZURICH, the city of finance and opportunities, is not your lucky four-leaf clover for 2020. Happy New Year!

CAPRICORN (from December 22 to January 20)

Do you think track 9 ¾ is a work of fantasy by Rowling? You are wrong! Like Harry Potter, you too are the only wizard of the Zodiac this year who can see the entrance to a new life. Your journey starts from here, from the courage to cross the threshold of a wall that has hindered you so far, and enter in a year in my opinion “cathartic”, from every point of view.

Professionally speaking, the magic lies in taking back that place that life events or your specific contact person tried to take away from you. Some were literally put on the bench, partly because of unfortunate business situations. But already from January (and then again in May) you finally find a leading role with valid opportunities that revive your business. I do not exclude that someone must look “beyond” that wall, and get back into the game starting from different areas, professional realities or, why not, returning to study to give themselves a new opportunity. The desire to be “independent” could push the most daring to start their own business. Love too must break down a wall, that of mistrust. And I would say that – albeit with some forcing – you will succeed very well.

This year spring comes early and so, by chance, we fall in love in March. And if the other is resisting, nothing but retreating: you are willing to make false cards … or to cast some spells of yours. Many want to mirror themselves and see each other different. With a new look, or with a more authoritative image: “wife / husband” or “mother / father” could be fine? In fact, there are several projects that couples can implement. As you may have already realized, something is changing … inside and outside of you. Not everyone will understand what’s going on.

But the important thing is that you recognize yourself. That you feel unique and special. Just like Harry. Maybe Hogwarts is a bit complicated to reach, but I would like you to experience the atmosphere of a city as magical as TURIN this year too, the destination I dedicate for your 2020. It is the best way to stop dreaming … and start believe it! Happy New Year!

AQUARIUS (from January 21 to February 19)

You don’t have to be a computer engineer to “reprogram”. And not even having a pair of first-class glasses: the map of your life horizons is clear to you, dear Aquarium. Especially because you understand what is “yes” and what is “no”, which goals to reach and which to avoid. All it takes is a pinch of extra resourcefulness, the typical explorer’s verve and a pencil to trace the route. The rest comes by itself. At work the time has come to get rid of a garment that has become “tight” over time.

Tightened by the expectations of others, but also by the sense of guilt that pushes you to continue a certain path in spite of your desire for change. Narrow by tight rhythms or by positions that have not evolved for a long time. Some good professional opportunities arrive between January and February, but your real turning point is in the second half of spring, when you will be able to cut certain ratios or to modify / improve them according to your needs. From then on it will be a positive flow of events that will lead you towards your professional rebirth. Even in love, singles can start from a new meeting already from February … and then from April to July Venus will always be in favor! This year, then, you’re even willing to give up a piece of your proverbial independence to live a new love to the full.

If there are ex in the vicinity or you live a relationship that hasn’t evolved for a long time, define! It is time to “reprogram” the heart too, with objectives that relaunch the relationship. Or you might as well pat yourself on the shoulder and say: love is another thing. At home, however, you change. Between renovations, sales and family “revolutions”. In short, this is a rediscovery 2020! Like when you leave home and have a first off-site experience: BOLOGNA, for example, is the perfect city (and the destination that I suggest) to feel you are young again, a student to whom no experience is precluded. And who knows, after all, that in this life everything is possible. Also keep going until late at night. Happy New Year!

Pisces (from February 20 to March 20)

Poet yes, but with a perfect metric. Because in recent years, dear Pisces, you have learned to be a little less idealistic and more practical than your life affairs. If losing the train made you a little naive, now at most you arrive with the doors closed. But then you go in … and you get to the goal. And what a goal! Have you ever tried to wear a crown?

Well, because 2020 will give you the opportunity to dress regal clothes, with romance, but above all with a great responsibility: that of learning to command. Starting from work, which sees growth both in terms of role and contracts. The most ambitious can aim for important positions or become part of more articulated working groups. It is not a year to “play” alone, better to cooperate, make use of valid allies or otherwise seek help from others. After all, “union is strength” is always a good motto! To start an initiative or a new work program, well in February.

Unexpected proposals and opportunities in late April. Love also becomes concrete and responsible. With a kiss empires are built: for couples this is the ideal year to take root with a coexistence, a wedding. Or to expand the family with a baby. Singles also celebrate a passionate period: Cupid does not go on vacation in August, the most effervescent month for the heart. Someone will ask: and before, nothing? I have good news: February brings something new.

But also a “less good” one: from April to July there are those who may have some second thoughts or complications in a new relationship. For posterity the arduous sentence, but between crowns and reasoning, it is always the heart that guides you. After all, only the great rulers know how to make great choices.

And you, this year, must learn to use your scepter. Who knows that in terms of royalty, a city like VIENNA, the destination that I recommend for the new year, cannot be your inspiration. An elegant, majestic city, where there is also room for dream poetry. Just like your 2020! Happy New Year!