Marriage Horoscope 2021

What to focus on when planning the marriage? According to Yearly- Horoscope.Org 2021 horoscope, there are certain points you could focus on or ideal attitudes to take on your way to the altar. We guide you with the following tips from the stars.

If you’re going to debut your wedding ring this year and you’ve already started with your to-do list, it never hurts to know what your horoscope dictates about it.

And, according to each sign, you will face this process with different focuses and energies.

For example, Leos will put a lot of effort into choosing the best groom suit and wedding dress; while Pisces will focus more on details, such as dating glasses or readings. Discover your mantra according to the zodiac and enjoy every moment of the process.

Aries: listen to your heart

Your sign is the symbol of joy and spontaneity, so make use of these two qualities when preparing your marriage. Also, do not be influenced by preconceptions, but unleash your creativity. Be guided by the heart and you can materialize everything you dream of for your big day. Find inspiration within.

Taurus: dare to change

Although this sign is characterized by being very earthy and unfriendly to changes, planning a marriage necessarily implies breaking with the established, either to get around with a plan B something that did not work or, simply, to delight the guests with an event to match. Embrace the changes and you will be amazed at the results.

Gemini: look for distractions

No matter how excited you are about preparing for marriage, the routine goes against the Gemini and, in that sense, the ideal would be to organize a couple’s getaway for the weekend or a panorama with friends from time to time. Your personality requires a varied schedule of activities, which in this case will also serve to refresh your mind.

Cancer: don’t lose focus

Although you will plan your wedding thinking about pleasing the guests as much as possible, from the arrangement of tables to the banquet, do not lose the focus that the main protagonists are the bride and groom. In other words, organize the celebration thinking about what you want as a priority and try to detach yourself a little from that helpful characteristic so typical of this sign. For example, choose the flavor of the wedding cake based on your tastes and those of your partner, but not according to the flavor that you think the guests will like the most.

Leo: do something different

Beyond the style of marriage, those born under the sign of Leo will not be satisfied if they do not print a personal stamp on their celebration. Since they like to be the center of attention, they will want to make an even more difference on their big day. And the ideas are many! From performing a song in the middle of the party, to betting on themed wedding decorations, for example, inspired by a television series. In addition, they will give great importance to the bridal outfit.

Virgo: accept help

As a good Virgo, you will pursue perfection and want to take care of every detail personally. It’s okay to get involved in the process, but it’s also good to delegate duties and accept help from your inner circle. You will see how the planning and staging of the marriage become much more bearable if you have a support network.

Libra: organize your ideas

Being a sign governed by creativity, surely many ideas will invade your head, from topics related to decoration, to choosing the best souvenirs and wedding wraps. The key to success in your organization, therefore, is that you manage to organize and focus on a unifying concept.

Scorpio: trust yourself

You want everything to be perfect, which in turn fills you with doubts and insecurities. Therefore, instead of thinking that something could go wrong, better trust yourself and decree that the marriage will be a success. Avoid putting yourself in the worst scenarios and better spend that energy planning the last details of the banquet.

Sagittarius: go for the adventure

It is an impulsive sign that will constantly lead you to seek new emotions, push boundaries and break with tradition. Of course, more than the organization of the marriage as such, you will be wanting to go on your honeymoon, ideally to a very exotic destination.

Capricorn: take some time for yourself

Whether it’s a spa session, sports training or bubble bath, you need to take time for yourself and release tension during the organization of the marriage. Alone or as a couple, you will see how these spaces recharge you with energy, in addition to being very necessary, both mentally and physically, in the face of your position of gold rings. Try to search for these instances at least once a week.

Aquarius: work as a team

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are good at teamwork, so don’t hesitate to involve your best friends in marriage planning. In addition to lightening the load, you will love that this great day has a little piece of those special people. Take advantage of your closest circle and keep your mind open to new ideas.

Pisces: explore your emotions

Yours is the most romantic sign of the zodiac, so prepare yourself for a period full of emotions. Sure you will cry several times before saying “yes”, but don’t worry, sensitivity is an innate part of your personality. Find containment for those moments when your nostalgia subsides and pay special attention to details. Among other things, set up a tree of footprints, choose the readings and take care of the music personally.

If the universe of the zodiac attracts you, you probably know that there is a color for each sign, which you could also capture in your wedding decoration, as well as specific energy stones. The latter, ideal to wear in the engagement ring, be it a ruby ​​for Aries, a Topaz for Gemini or a quartz for Scorpio, among other examples.