Moon in Taurus 2021

The moon has a different influence from that of Venus.

The present situation is a particular one: in the sign ruled even by Venus, the queen of the night expands her area of ​​influence – it comes to light, as they say. Astrologically, the Moon in Taurus is in exaltation and we can compare it with a conjunction Moon – Venus. Psychologically, the two hypostases of femininity are in full congruence. Regardless of the other clues offered by the map, this positioning of the Moon is particularly strong and very visible to all natives.

The moon in Taurus gives the native the image and allure of a “middle-aged woman” throughout her life. On another scale, he designates ladies as “aunts” and “aunts.” Lady Moon in Taurus usually has the appearance of a mistress, satisfied and steadfast. She is the mistress of the house, the goods and the goodies. The pleasant voice, the peace and the security it emanates, attract its popularity. Smiling, warm but firm, feminine but not vulnerable, sensual but not incendiary. The cheese with jam, a coffee, beads, a few roses in a vase and a cat in her arms fit her very well…

The structure of the Miss is identical to that of the Lady, the transition from one level to the other being made cursive, the internal conflicts being minimal towards not at all. It is an easy presence to notice: calm, kind, benevolent, it emanates a state of peace and quiet. His emotional feelings are hard to shake and there is a tendency towards repetition and routine (as the meaning of some terms in this description is repeated…).

The emotions of this native are not disturbed as in the situation of Lady Moon in Aries. She always seems at peace with herself and is generally immune to outside problems. His emotional and emotional feelings are so well grounded that the first impression he makes is the last. He has long-term likes and dislikes for an indefinite period. If Lady Moon in Taurus didn’t like you at first sight, chances are she’ll change her mind – at least not in this life. He can at most tolerate you if he has nowhere to go, but that’s it!

Over time, she begins to be more and more satisfied with herself and even comes to love herself more in adulthood. With age she shows her value, beauty and love. Not only to oneself, but also to… “others”: comfort, food, perfumes, clothes, jewelry, music, flowers. Or at least to one of these things if the position of the Sun and the Ascendant gives other clues – but a love is still (some call this love “attachment”…)

When in the personal map the position of the Moon located in Taurus accentuates certain native tendencies towards conservatism or when it enters into major conflict with the personality traits indicated by the position of the Sun, only then the (positive) features listed above acquire another unpleasant coloration. But, even in this situation, the discomfort is felt more strongly by those around her, she persisting in her beliefs and optics. Another drawback is the tendency to get lost in unimportant actions and to postpone making decisions.

In professional relationships, she is noted for the wave of sympathy she naturally attracts.
Although she makes a clear distinction between social and personal life, Mrs. Moon in Taurus maintains her attitude of managing the office, the institution, the team, the equipment.

He has a very good memory, he is perfectionist, cautious, he is a good performer, but he has a hard time mobilizing. He considers himself a capable person, but he needs a lot of will or external support to be able to take action. Regardless of the position he / she holds, difficulties arise when he / she is asked to work a different method, rhythm or perspective. She becomes stubborn, inflexible, determined to do only what she knows how. When he runs a business, he knows how to choose the profitable ways and the right people, he earns a lot through his kind attitude, but, in terms of financial matters, he has a very firm position, even unyielding. In situations where she feels unjust or very insecure, in the usually enchanting, courteous and indulgent Lady, resentment and the desire for hoarding develop rapidly, her views narrow, and her decisions are brutal and final.

In the field of emotional relationships, for Miss Moon in Taurus, love appears quite quickly and after her, commitment. It is easy for her to assume the role of Lady because she looks a lot like her mother and she is eager (unconsciously imitating her) to have a stable situation: a job that will ensure her life, a home, a safe relationship. And what can be safer than a husband ?! Which, without realizing it, he will take “on the inventory” like any other object. Object that he has to take care of, feed him, send him to work, because he has to bring money, keep the house and provide… jam, beads, roses, coffee, sofa, Otherwise, he does not it has too much value. And with “another” he will not share it in any form.

It is said that Lady Moon in Taurus is very possessive. In fact, she knows very well what is hers and does not accept that someone will attack her property, including her husband, of course! She is very realistic and does not follow green horses on the walls. She does not claim things that do not belong to her, but what belongs to her has clear names: “my house, my car, my ficus, my furniture, my jewelry, my husband”. None of this is shareable, let’s be clear! She is very attached to her children, without being suffocating, but she takes great care that they are well fed, well dressed and make their way in life. And one more detail: he gets very angry, he gets harder, he can forgive, but he never forgets.

More than any other lady, comfort and safety are necessary, even vital, for her – both material and emotional.

The moon in Taurus influences the health of all people born with this configuration. Psycho-emotional states can be physically reflected as follows *:

  • Red in the throat, tonsillitis – “There are so many things (sad, beautiful, full of anger) that I would like to say, but I do not dare” – requires an open expression, even if it involves a risk.
  • Ear pain and inflammation – “I don’t like what I hear at all, it’s so painful!” it requires recognition of the inner voice and / or acceptance of the truth that others are telling us.
  • Hyperthyroidism – reflects the fear of losing someone’s attention, of not being recognized, decreased self-confidence.
  • Thyroid failure – expresses self-dissatisfaction and requires unreserved acceptance of oneself and giving up worries.
  • Dental problems – indicate indecision, lack of decision-making power, uncertainty about the fairness of decisions made.

Between 2003-2011 Uranus in Pisces stimulated their intuition and developed their awareness of freedom of expression. In 2004 Jupiter in transit through Virgo brought them a year of contentment, happiness and beauty. Since 2008, Pluto, which has entered Capricorn, has given them the strength to deal with all crises and increased their self-confidence. Since 2011, Neptune entered Pisces has brought them more gentleness and intuitive understanding, increased their femininity, but also their vulnerability.

Between October 2012 and December 2014 (with a return between June and September 2015) the transit of Saturn through Scorpio shook them from the foundations of stability, family relationships, financial resources, health and peace of mind. They had to resort to a reorganization of private life, and between 2014-2015 (Jupiter in Leo, squared) this reorganization had to be done in accordance with their needs for assertion and development. It was a difficult time, which required special efforts from an emotional, energetic and material point of view.

From September 2020, NN and Jupiter, which will transit Virgo, will bring joy and confidence again, increasing the possibility of reconstruction and development (Pluto trine in Capricorn). To the extent that they will take advantage of the chances offered by the concrete living conditions and will rigorously select their dreams for which they will have to make an effort (Neptune and NS in Pisces squaring with Saturn in Sagittarius), we can say that serene days will come for Lady Moon in Taurus.