What the Zodiac Signs do in a Crisis

They are emotional and sensitive people who panic in crisis situations or complain of pity. And there are signs that tend to mobilize exemplarily, finding solutions and making spontaneous and very good decisions.

Not all of us respond to situations that get us out of the habit and linearity, some are more impulsive and anxious, and others are more focused, present and somehow remain in self-control.

Here are some landmarks for each sign:


Fighting is the best solution
Spontaneous. they do not spend too much time thinking, when they have to make decisions or when they have to take action.

When an unexpected or difficult situation arises, if it contains a conflict, they immediately mobilize to win the battle, using all the means and resources they are capable of.

Aries prefer to act, than to think. But they are helped by a sharp intuition and the ability to orient themselves quickly in any situation. They don’t spend much time analyzing. Sometimes they are already gone, with the problem solved, while those around them are still thinking how to do it.

So, they make decisions quickly and they are doing great in crisis situations. Obviously, because of precipitation and impatience, they often make mistakes, but that doesn’t make them change.

I think with amazing rapidity, which is why someone rarely manages to keep up with them.


Better to solve it by itself
A fixed, earthly sign is the Taurus who does not believe anything until he sees with his own eyes. He does not lose his temper with one by two. He is patient and perfunctory to wait at all before taking action, because he fears that he may make a mistake or he may be consumed and tired unnecessarily.

These natives are quite focused, anchored in the subject, so sometimes they need big shocks to really change something and move in a new direction.

Has a practical intelligence, oriented to analysis, observation and assimilation of information. He considers that the action should come only after a rigorous analysis and the calculation of all the possibilities that may appear during the course. In fact, this native always wants to make sure he is safe and therefore only takes calculated risks.

Idealistic or philosophical illusions and concepts are not approved by Taurus. They change their beliefs hard, and once they are changed, they remain attached for a long time.


Information is power!
When the Twins face a crisis situation, they first announce to everyone or complain loudly and it is inevitable that others will not find out.

Twins have a sharpness of mind, mobility in thought, spontaneity and I know little of all. And their most valuable gift is not so much the immense baggage of knowledge, but the way I know how to apply it, immediately and efficiently.

Although very anxious and sometimes out of the way pessimists, they quickly find the information they need and in fact they solve the difficult situations, through knowledge. For them, knowledge is power.

Twins really have a living intelligence that they do not hesitate to display whenever they have the opportunity. I talk a lot, about how many months and stars, they have a sense of humor and verbal mobility that are out of the ordinary and are absolutely delicious in conversation. This attitude helps them in the less joyful periods of their life.


Defense is the first emergency measure!
Contrary to expectations, the Racians show their power and character exactly in crisis situations, when others get rid of any trace of morality and are deprived of power. Then they mobilize, ensuring first that they minimize the losses and protecting as much as they can, both in terms of material resources and human, relational, and sentimental.

In crisis situations, they retreat inside to seek their center, balance. It turns into protective veils, if needed.

Memory, imagination and intuition are the precious gifts of any native Cancer and the benchmarks after which it is conducted in life.

Cancer simply feels when it has to act and it feels when it has to make a change or what choices are good for it. Therefore, it should be based on intuition.


Action in force is the key to success
These natives build their reality as they like, they usually have a successful attitude and there is nothing left in the way when they have something to solve or achieve.

In crisis situations, especially when they feel their territory violated, Lions responds with actions in force, somehow unleashing a huge amount of energy, as if not to allow anyone space to choose, to intervene, to do something.

The lion defends with unmatched ferocity all that is his and knows how to attack when the time is right.

They have a mind focused on great purposes and are the clearest proof that when you want something, it really happens, and that the energy of thought and imagination can materialize.

They make decisions pretty quickly, but they can be quite rigid in their thinking. The memory is not bright and neither is it.


Sure it’s a mistake somewhere
In a crisis situation, the first thought of the Virgin is that she probably went wrong somewhere, so before she makes a decision or takes action, she must first find the mistake, the cause.

No sign is more analytical and logical than Virgo. These natives operate most with logic and pragmatism. They are anchored in the immediate reality, they are limited to finding practical and viable solutions, leaving no room for unnecessary doubts or hopes.

The virgin thinks in detail and always considers all the possible effects of her actions. He does not like to be taken unprepared and is very reluctant to change. Often, they create fatalistic scenarios, which they constantly think about and in which they eventually come to believe. He is quite anxious, worries about nothing and can often turn a little tension and discomfort in their life into a real crisis.


“Together, with diplomacy, we solve everything”
Balance invents the concept “we” in thinking. She cannot live alone, but she needs others to learn and especially to make comparisons. He has a thought oriented towards diplomacy and harmony, always finding the most gentle and diplomatic solutions to any problem. She lives in a social context and does not conceive of life alone.

He is very creative, although he often seems to choose only the winning books. In her case, imagination blends very well with reason. It has a detached thinking of emotions, which can be called social, equidistant thinking.

This helps her stay more detached than others in crisis situations, so find solutions that are beneficial for everyone.


There is nothing in his way
The scorpion has unparalleled self-control, depth and subtlety of thought, which other zodiacs not only cannot practice, but cannot even understand. The intelligence of this native is oriented towards ideas that destroy and rebuild at the same time.

They do very well in crisis situations, in fact they even want them to evolve and become more aware of their power.

Thought is full of subtle meanings and symbols. He sees more than others and associates what he sees with mysterious meanings, which open the door to a magical world, only he understands.

Scorpio’s intuition is once again unique, going to the root of things and finding the most unexpected solutions to any problem, which is why he can be a good psychologist or an excellent detective.


They all work out somehow
Incurable optimists, Sagittarius are convinced that there is a solution for everything and all they have to do is find the right one. They do not lose their temper, but are encouraged to explore and know more. Basically, any discomfort is an opportunity to create a story and a leap.

When you say Sǎgetǎtor, you mean the crossing of borders, whether it is about borders on your own, or whether it is about mental, cultural, philosophical, religious boundaries.

These natives assimilate in their thinking any concept, idea, thought that inspires them. They know that everything in this world has an explanation and they are willing to find the answer and the cause of any phenomenon they are passionate about.

They seem to have responded to everything and most of the time they have it. They are always thirsty to document, to evolve, to emancipate themselves. The supporter has fantastic mental mobility, combined with a sense of humor that is hard to match. He does not like to belong to any system, the only systems he accepts are philosophical or religious in nature.